With the second bank holiday of May upon us, and a nice shiny, repaired front bumper, I managed to score myself a table and parking space at the Sheesh restaurant, in Chilwell, for a supercar lunch. I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather do on a Sunday afternoon than miss the Monaco Grand Prix, but I would have to eat something and might as well do it in the company of like-driving people. (End of sarcasm.) The only thing that was causing me some concern was the football at Wembley, which might cause a lot of traffic, but I hoped this wouldn’t be an issue at around 11 o’clock. The North Circular was busy but free-flowing, and it all became worth it through the tunnels—drop a couple of gears, keep the speed steady, and let her roar!

The second highlight of the journey was actually as I arrived at Sheesh, and was greeted by eager kids with their cameras; not something I’ve experienced before and it of course put a smile on my face.

So enough of me balling on about my drive, here are the photos I took…