Back To Bath

So here we are again with another tale from Bath: we’re back again for the Bath Festival of Motoring, with its charity supercar dream rides. Once again, being able to use my Ferrari 360 for good and to help others is one of those things that makes it worthwhile. (And I don’t just mean taking out punters who aren’t in a position to buy their own supercar…)

Before the car show weekend, I took a day to tackle a couple more things that were identified in my cars recent service: the rear, lower balljoint rubber covers. The was another item that we decided that we could undertake ourselves, instead of paying through the nose for it to be done. Though as it turned out, not having a ramp (yet) to get the car off the ground, all we could do was confirm that the rear, lower balljoint covers are indeed split; so we a little epoxy to close the gap, and will return to these in good time.

Anyway, back to the real reason for this post: the Bath Festival of Motoring. This year, in the supercar paddock, I was the only Ferrari; though there was a Jaguar E-Type, as well as a new F-Type. There was also an Aston Martin, a couple of AMG Mercedes (including a GTR), and an Ariel Atom. The was the traditional assortment of classics, ranging from Triumph’s to Citroën’s—there was even a replica Ferrari 308 (that did properly indicate it was indeed a kit car).

My day as a provider of supercar dream rides was more-or-less non-stop from 10:30 until I took a break for lunch at 2 o’clock, then again from 3 until 4:30. Which by my calculations is 11 passengers (and at £30 per passenger too), and it all helped to build towards our daily total for charity of over £1,000! So a day well done!

Sunday was much the same, with a constant flow of passengers all morning (I counted 5), until I had to leave at 12:30. It would have been nice to stay all day but I had family commitments, that being said, there were many more cars and people in attendance and—if anything—it was even hotter than Saturday. We also managed to get out for more rides, with 37 on Sunday compared with 33 the day before; raising over £2,100 for charity in the process!

It was a fantastic couple of days and hopefully I’ll be able to join them again next year.