Blenheim Palace Classic & Supercar (End of Summer Party)

Time for another Ferrari Owners’ Club event, and this time it’s at Blenheim Palace on the tail end of the Salon Privé Concours d’Elégance for their inaugural Classic & Supercar event. So a little earlier in the year the owners’ club invited members to join them to celebrate both Ferrari’s 70th and the clubs 50th at an end of summer party following Salon Privé and we we jumped at the chance to enjoy the 360 once more (before both its MOT and then hibernating it away for the winter months). It was an early start for us, having been asked to arrive before 9 o’clock so we would all be in place before the gates opened to the general public at 10.

After a quick drive up the M40/A40 we found ourselves sandwiched between a 355 and a Dino as we approached Blenheim Palace—though I don’t the 355 driver knew where we were supposed to go (it wasn’t the main entrance). Nevertheless we all parked up next to each other, joining dozens of other Ferrari Owners’ Club members, where we then stood with a coffee and watched the staff make ready our VIP bar area.

Fuelled and ready to go, we set off to see what else was on display; first the main courtyard: this was the Pirelli Prestige & Performance Competition, where we were treated to approximately 80 super and hypercars, from a couple of Jaguar XJ220’s through to a couple of Bugatti Chiron’s via a few different Koenigsegg models. After wandering around the courtyard and snapping many photographs, we ventured out to the lawn where PistonHeads had a collection of sports cars. Unfortunately it was as I was furthest from my 360 (jacketless) that the rain arrived, so I made a hasty retreat to the owners club bar.

When the shower had passed I continued roaming around, though the change in weather seemed to have scared several owners away and spaces began to appear within the rows. That’s not to say we were all that different, as we decided that once we’d finished lunch and before the afternoons rain forecast turned true—also before the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix was broadcast (as I write this I’m watching it delayed, having set up my TiVo box to record it)—we started our journey home.

As always, here are a selection of what was on display: