Another summer weekend, another car show. And again, this was a large one! Six days of cars and music, spread over two weekend and two locations; all in need of Children in Need. The Ferrari Owners’ Club had managed to secure fifty places per day for members to exhibit our cars, and I was able to put myself forward for the Sunday at CarFest South. After waiting excitedly for weeks, it all came crashing down the Thursday before when we were informed that due to the amount of rain that had fallen, the field was so saturated that the Owners’ Club was pulling out of the entire weekend.

Not to be put off, I largely carried on as normal: I collected my 360 as planned and drove on down to my brothers, where I may have slightly gate-crashed a wedding! Unfortunately as the weather hadn’t improved, and not wanting to get stuck in a field, we took my brother car to CarFest.

Towards the end of the day, I actually bumped into a few members of the Owners’ Club who had defied the odds and actually attended with their Ferrari’s—as it turned out, they were a lot more local than myself, having only had to drive a couple miles, and as such knew all of the dry, clean routes into the festival. If I’d been more on the ball, and checked the various online forums, I would have seen that some members were still attending and that I could have joined them. Ah well, you live and learn, and next year I’ll be even more determined. But for now, here’s some of what I saw…