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A Busy Easter Weekend

It certainly has been a busy few weeks: not only was the 360 recently serviced, it also took us to a wedding in Cardiff. This gave a short opportunity to make a little noise as we drove through the Brynglas Tunnel (despite the heavy traffic). It also piqued the interested of some younger wedding attendees who appeared to have their afternoon made when I offered them to have their photographs taken sitting in the drivers seat.

End of year wrap-up

So it’s now been two years since I bought my 360 Modena, and it’s still the pride and joy of my life, much to the displeasure of my girlfriend. She is still very much of the opinion that it’s too low (which makes getting in and out tricky), too noisy, and the ride is too firm. It also—apparently—has too few seats, although I maintain that as it’s just the two of us this isn’t a problem; I’ve been told that my next Ferrari has to have four seats. So be it.

Morgan Factory Tour

This update is a little less about Ferrari’s and rather a lot about Morgan’s: during the second half of our brief summer getaway we found ourselves around the Malvern Hills. As an area of outstanding natural beauty there was plenty of opportunity to appreciate the views of the surrounding country from the top of the hills (especially as the weather was on form), as well as make use of the winding roads (tractors permitting).

Ferrari For Hire

So last week my 360 went off on an adventure of its own. My brother had asked if he could borrow it for a couple of days while his wife and he stayed at Limewood. As it’s a fancy place, and I had no plans to use the car for a couple of weeks, I agreed he could showoff for a few days. All I asked was that he try and get a couple of good photographs of the Ferrari in front of hotel’s main building, which he was more than happy to do.


Another summer weekend, another car show. And again, this was a large one! Six days of cars and music, spread over two weekend and two locations; all in need of Children in Need. The Ferrari Owners’ Club had managed to secure fifty places per day for members to exhibit our cars, and I was able to put myself forward for the Sunday at CarFest South. After waiting excitedly for weeks, it all came crashing down the Thursday before when we were informed that due to the amount of rain that had fallen, the field was so saturated that the Owners’ Club was pulling out of the entire weekend.

Easter Weekend in London (Oh Deer!)

This is the first post that is going to be written more or less at the same time that it actually happened. As we’re currently the closing stages of Easter weekend, and the events also took place this Easter weekend. As far as the back store goes, my close family had decided to make use of their Christmas presents from me—a wine tasting experience at Vinopolis—which meant that they would be descending upon London on Easter Saturday. Having already decided that I should make the most of the long weekend for myself and my Ferrari, I had already planned to collect her on Good Friday and spend the weekend in London having brunch, lunch, and dinner, and generally just cruising around, (and just maybe joining my family for some wine).

Birthdays and the New Year

It’s Christmas time—well not really, as I’m retelling this story in March but the story starts back in December…

I had arranged to collect my 360 from Neil Garner Performance Engineering, Kemble Car Storage on the Friday afternoon before Christmas. My plan was to spend possibly a couple weeks lounging around at my parents, helping out when necessary, and seeing friends and family when available. (There was no point me staying in—or going back to—London as all of my housemates had disappeared to spend time with their families too.)