A Busy Easter Weekend

It certainly has been a busy few weeks: not only was the 360 recently serviced, it also took us to a wedding in Cardiff. This gave a short opportunity to make a little noise as we drove through the Brynglas Tunnel (despite the heavy traffic). It also piqued the interested of some younger wedding attendees who appeared to have their afternoon made when I offered them to have their photographs taken sitting in the drivers seat.

Good Friday was a hive of action, with us making the trip down to Bath for some horse racing. Going back to the Bath Festival of Motoring of 2016, we were the winners of their charity raffle, which awarded us VIP tickets to a race of our choice at Bath Race Course. Whilst our luck didn’t extend to horse racing, we still enjoyed the day (in part due to the free champagne).

The Saturday of the long Easter weekend gave my dad and myself a chance to address one of the easier items that was highlighted on the 360’s recent service: steering rack gaiters/bellows. The old pair had both split at the ends and where therefore allowing dirt and grit to come into contact with the steering rack—not an ideal situation. It took us a little over three hours to complete the procedure, although we got off to a slow start when the trolley jack wouldn’t actually fit under the Ferrari! The only other significant delay was actually getting the gaiters onto the lip, as they’re obviously designed to be a snug fit (but nothing a small amount of grease couldn’t help with). As we sat down to lunch after finishing, we contemplated that a Ferrari mechanic may well have been able to replace the gaiters in a third of the time, but for something that isn’t safety critical we agreed that it wasn’t worth the cost. For those interested, we made use of the technical articles by Aldous Voice.

Easter Monday finished off the weekend with some more racing, this time of the motoring variety. The Ferrari Owners Club was starting their classic racing season at the Castle Combe circuit, along side several other series, including Mini’s, and Formula Ford classes. We arrived a little after 10 o’clock, at the tail end of the morning qualifying but that gave us the chance to explore the paddock to see what was going to be racing later that afternoon. We were also given the opportunity to walk the grid prior to the first Ferrari race. After leaving the grid we hurried to the raised bank just beyond the pit exit, where we watched the race. We then continued clockwise round the track, stopping where we thought was ideal for each of the following races until we saw the Ferrari’s again.

There’s nothing quite like seeing—and hearing— some of the fastest (for their period) road cars battling it out on track!

Then with us back at the Ferrari Owner’s parking and therefore my 360, and with the weather starting to close in, we decided to make a move. And that brings us to the end of my weekend of racing.