Classics at the Villa

What a fun day that was! Meeting up at a local service station, so we could all drive-in together to the Classics at the Villa: Fast Cars and Slow Food, car show. At 9 o’clock this morning, there was approximately fifteen Ferrari’s outside a drive-though Starbucks, patiently waiting so we could convoy the seven miles to Villa Scalabrini, and once we arrived we were greeted by—maybe—another fifteen Ferrari’s who had made their own way to the venue.

Not only was there the collection of Ferrari’s, as an Italian themed event, there was many Fiat’s/Abarth’s, Alpha’s, Lancia’s, as well as many other classic cars not of Italian heritage. And certainly to start with, the Ferrari’s seemed to outnumber any other single manufacturer, which probably says something (although I’m not quite sure what at this moment). The food was also typically Italian: pizza, chibatta, pasta, gelato (however I did spot a hog roast and a burger counter).

The weather was perfect too: sun and a gentle breeze, with the occasional cloud just to help cool everyone down for a moment or so. However it didn’t look that way at 7am with the heavy rain coming down, but all that meant was as soon as people were parked, they quickly whipped out their cleaning products to remove the road grim—almost in unison.

With some of Ferrari owner’s (who had come from the oh-so-far-away place of London) choosing to depart just before lunch it opened some space for a few late arrivals, in addition to a Lamborghini Aventador and a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. And the Ferrari F40 that was on display during the morning made way for a Testarossa in the afternoon. So from my point of view it was definitely worth meeting for the drive-in, and hanging around until 3 o’clock (so I able to get away before the mad scramble later in the afternoon).

So now while I catch-up on the Formula 1 that I missed earlier, here are some of the photographs of today…

A quick update; nothing too fancy, just the cabin footage from our Ferrari Owners Club drive-in:


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  1. paolo arrigo

    Cracking photo’s, we’re glad you enjoyed and every penny of profit also went to charity so thanks for coming. See you next year….
    Ps…. It wasn’t hot roast, it was porchetta Romana (Roman hog roast with fennel seed, garlic and rosemary), but there were some butchers burgers that is true! Thanks again

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