End of year wrap-up

So it’s now been two years since I bought my 360 Modena, and it’s still the pride and joy of my life, much to the displeasure of my girlfriend. She is still very much of the opinion that it’s too low (which makes getting in and out tricky), too noisy, and the ride is too firm. It also—apparently—has too few seats, although I maintain that as it’s just the two of us this isn’t a problem; I’ve been told that my next Ferrari has to have four seats. So be it.

With the weather having now become very much autumn-like, I decided it was ideal to write up a brief overview of year number 2, as well as share some of the photographs from our recent trip to the Lakeland Motor Museum, as part of our week long vacation in Ambleside. Obviously we took the Ferrari, as I wanted to give it one last long run before hibernating it for the winter, and to see if I could find some great windy roads around the lakes. The cruise up from the Watford area wasn’t all that much as there was a lot of holiday (half-term) traffic but the weather was good for us. So too was the M6-Toll!

I won’t go in to detail about the ins and outs of all our walking, but as well as taking the 360 to the museum, we also made a drive in to Kemble one rather nice afternoon. I am glad, however, that we didn’t try and drive the Ferrari across both the Wrynose and Hardknott passes.

After a week away, it was time to return home. This time we were able to avoid much of the traffic—by setting off early—but the weather was not on our side, and by the time we finished out journey the 360 was in a complete state. I wish I had taken a picture of how dirty and grimy it was from all of the grease and oil sprayed up on the motorway because it really was astonishing. But nothing that a good wash couldn’t fix.

As promised, here are photographs of some of the exhibits at the Lakeland Motor Museum: