Ferrari Owners’ Club Picnic

Today was pretty close to a perfect Sunday: beautiful weather, and a field of Ferrari’s to enjoy! It was the Ferrari Owners’ Club picnic at Layer Marney Tower in Essex. After collecting my 360, it was business as usual as we cruised around the M25, though the traffic increased as we come off the motorway and headed northeast on the A12.

As we closed in on our destination, we made the decision to have a quick stop for fuel as we passed though Tiptree; while stood there, a small convoy of Ferrari’s passed, which I’m sure caused a few heads to turn. Following the satnav for the final few miles lead us nicely to the entrance to the tower grounds, where a series of FOC signs diverted us around to a field behind the tower. Turning in to the field, we were greeted with a spectacular view of Ferrari’s—mostly red—at least 30 already with perhaps another 10 arriving after we did.

After parking-up we wondered over to the club stand to check-in and see what’s-what. I had already noticed the F40 as we drove in, and was equally as excited to finally get to see the new 488 GTB and 488 Spider without any barriers in the way. Peering in to the back of the California T, we chuckled at the amount of legroom in the rear seats before making our way back to actually have our picnic.

With lunch (first course) out of the way, I was successful in making sure the blanket collected enough grass to fill the boot—not happy! We then grabbed a few photographs and headed to the tower. And with the tour of the tower now complete, it was time for lunches second course, as well as a chance to wonder around all of the cars and steal even more photographs, especially of the rarer tipos.

With the tower climbed, and more than enough photos taken, it was time to make a start on the journey home. It was, again, largely uneventful. Even the drive though Watford was straightforward, even if I was following the Hogwarts tour bus! All that remains, is to show some of he pictures captured…