Another Ferrari Owners’ Day

For the second Saturday in succession I have found myself at Sywell Aerodrome with my 360; this time though it’s all about Ferrari’s, with the second National Ferrari Owners’ Day, organised by the Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain. It has been pretty much the same as last year: a large Ferrari-only parking area, a separate area for those participating in the runway experience (this year I was in group 4, so had to wait until 3:15 for my slot), a hanger full of items part of the Silverstone Auction, and of course: an small air display!

Unlike last year, unfortunately the weather was all over the place—all the way from sun to rain with quite a bit of wind thrown in too, thankfully however, this did nothing to dampen everyone spirits. (Though it did move a lot of people inside to watch the auction.)

There isn’t too much else to say, except that the rain slowed down a lot of us on our runway runs, even if it had mostly dried by the time I went out—not long having had my engine partially rebuilt I was also feeling pretty nervous about flooring it, so I don’t think I really exceeded motorway speeds, but I did make a fair bit of noise doing so. My brother-in-law seemed to enjoy and appreciate his time in the passenger seat, which is what really counts!