Supercar Fest

A slightly late start to the year, but this was partly due to waiting on parts from Italy and partly due to finally getting our driveway redone—now at least the car is in probably the best condition that it’s been in years (owing to the engine rebuild and finally ticking off every advisory on the MOT), in addition we can now fit our three cars off the road on our drive. With all that said, let’s get into the first car show of the year: Supercar Fest.

I actually heard about Supercar Fest last year but unfortunately it was more-or-less on the day of the event and I was not able to collect my 360 from storage in time—in fact I had already scheduled collection for last years National Ferrari Owners Day, conveniently held at the same location of Sywell Aerodrome. And just as it was last year, the two events are on consecutive weekends, so with a little forethought I was able to have my Ferrari at home and ready to attend both.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day: warm but not hot, occasionally sunny but with enough cloud to prevent it getting too hot. I had a rather lonely drive in, no other supercars seemed to be arriving from the east along the A45, or at least no one else seemed to be ahead nor behind me and the queue from south-west of Sywell was all sorts of supercars when I arrived. After that it was pretty much standard-carshow: wondering around taking photographs and short video clips of many things more interesting than my lowly 360! McLaren Senna’s, Bugatti Chiron’s, Pagani Huayra’s, etc. There was some chatting with other owners about how far they’d come, how long they’d had their car (whatever it may be), and what our shared experiences have been.

Before too long the runway action started, with groups of about 10 cars individually accelerating down the taxiway and then on down the runway. This setup gave us spectators a couple hundred metres to experience the speed and noise up-close. The majority of the sprints were owners and their friends & family, but there was also charity rides that were snapped up by those lucky enough to get one. The runway closed for lunch, which prompted everyone to descend on the collection of food trucks; as this isn’t my first rodeo, I unpacked my picnic and opened up my Ferrari for any kids who wanted to sit and have their picture taken.

Following lunch it was more of the same, which probably contributed to the sudden emptying of both the supercar show and the car club area—I guess once you’ve spent a couple hours watching cars speed past there’s no need to go through it all again quite so soon. That said, everybody I saw looked to be having a great time and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, so will definitely attend next year!