Supercar Fest 2023

Another strong start to the season of car show, with a second appearance at Supercar Fest at Sywell. Very similar to last year, with plenty of variety from my lowly Ferrari 360 all the way up to a Koenigsegg Regera, and everything in between. And of course it wouldn’t be an event for me without some sort of mishap: once again the F1 system threw a hissy-fit and left us stranded on a roundabout!

The format for Supercar Fest was broadly similar to last year, with the layout pretty much identical and the format of runway runs, although they seemed to send more cars up the runway in each group before bringing them all back. So without further waffle, here’s some of what was on offer:

And as for the F1 transmission of mine—we are still none-the-wiser about why it will occasionally refuse to go into gear but we did solve the mystery of why the hydraulic fluid appeared to be leaking out of the top of the reservoir: I had overfilled the system and it was being forced out of the bleed hole in the reservoir cap. So what was thought to be too little fluid was actually too much, and whilst this may stop any appearing where it shouldn’t be (namely outside the hydraulic system) it’s unlikely to be the cause of why the car didn’t fancy going into gear.


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