Another Year, Another Recap

So it’s now been just over three years since I bought my first Ferrari, my 360 Modena, and this year has been rather special as it has been both the 70th anniversary of Ferrari and the 50th anniversary of the Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain. This meant that there were many events throughout the country to celebrate both occasions. I was lucky enough to join in a couple, yet gutted that I missed a couple that—in hindsight—I could easily have attended. Ah well, one can’t always have everything.

Reminiscing back to April and we see that I was able to make the most of several fine weekends both for a friend, and then some showing off at the races; horse and racecar. Horse racing obviously requires dressing up and showing off in, including arriving in something flashy. Likewise, turning up in a Ferrari to watch a Ferrari classic race series definitely shows where my racing allegiances lie.

A little while later I joined the Hertfordshire area group of the Owners’ Club for an Italian-themed car show, with many rows of Ferrari’s on display. It was many of the same cars and people three weeks after where we attended a local supercar dealer in aid of a children’s charity. June saw me return to the Bath Festival of Motoring to provide supercar rides to the public, to raise money for charity.

In the hight of the summer almost 1,000 Ferrari owners descended upon Marlow for the clubs annual garden party and concours competition, which was a fantastic day out in the sun. I cannot start to think what might have been going through the minds of the locals as they see Ferrari after Ferrari rive though their quiet town, but I certainly enjoyed chasing an F40 for a short while. As the summer drew to a close there was a second concours event; this time it was the infamous Salon Privé at Blenham Palace, where your run-of-the-mill 360 is old news compared to Pagani’s and Koenigsegg’s!

The final event (for myself) for the year was the Ferrari Race Day at Silverstone, which with the owners’ parade lap was a massive highlight, and a nice way to wrap up the years activities. So now, with Owners’ Club membership costs due and the 360 tucked away for the winter, there isn’t much else to say, except let’s look forward to 2018 and see what it brings.