The Unthinkable

It’s been over a year since I’ve posted an update here, and for the worst possible reason: my Ferrari 360 is no more. Unfortunately I was driven off the road back exactly a year ago, on my way to have the 360 serviced, and because of the motorway speed we were travelling at there was total carnage: because of one lunatic who didn’t look or signal before changing lanes I was forced to attempt an emergency stop, which didn’t pan out as expected and we span off the motorway, collecting another unexpecting driver on the way.

The scene was a complete mess: we had gone backwards through the crash barrier by the shoulder while the unfortunate 3rd party went through it head-on. Luckily they were in a Range Rover Discovery, so aside from the total wreck of their front axel, the passengers were without injury. Meanwhile, I realised that even though I had exited my Ferrari and was largely unhurt, my girlfriend was still in the passenger seat and covered in blood. Thankfully she was still conscious, and despite my gibbering from the drivers seat, a passing motorist was able to keep her awake until medical professionals arrived.

At some point I was whisked into the back of an ambulance and whilst my lacerated left ear was tended to I was able to alert my insurance company. A police officer also came to take a statement as well as ask how my camera was turned off ensuring that the footage it captured was saved for later review. I was the last to leave the motorway; I think we’d been there approximately 3 hours (between 3:30pm and 6, maybe 7) and I was being taken back to Watford, whereas my partner was being driven to Saint Mary’s—having one of the best major trauma centres nearby. There had been talk of airlifting her, and they even landed a helicopter on the opposing carriageway just-in-case.

After several weeks she was well enough to come home, but still required regular consultations with the maxillofacial consultant, and eventually further surgery to remove some of the metalwork they put in during the first. A year on, a lot of the physical injuries have fully healed, but there are still mental and emotional scars that require ongoing treatment.

So now as we pass the one year mark everything for myself has been settled and I’m beginning to mull things over to see if I can get a replacement 360—colours other than red are an option this time around—although I suspect insurance will no longer be as low as it was. Nonetheless, I won’t let that deter me; a couple months of aggressive saving (similar to before the first Ferrari) and I should be back in a position to at least afford to purchase another 360 and I’ll take it from there. There’s unfinished business to attend to, including track days and a road trip to Italy, so I will definitely be back, it’s just a question of how long…

Stay safe


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