Back In The Driving Seat

A year after we found ourselves in the worst possible situation, I am once again back behind the wheel of a Ferrari 360! This time though, I’ve decided to be a little less mainstream and have opted for a yellow F1, which will hopefully stand out just a little more from the crowd. (I mean, even more than a Ferrari does anyway.) It’s not been easy to achieve, but I was determined not to let some reckless driver deny me my dreams.

So the switch away from red probably hasn’t come as much of a surprise to my family, who have probably heard me always say the first one had to be red, and that I’ve always been a fan of the 360 in yellow. Unfortunately for me, it’s slim-pickings for yellow Modena’s, but in a stroke of luck there was actually this one example available only a few miles around the M25 in Essex—oh, and a Challenge Stradale, which is way out of my price range!

With only one yellow 360 available, there wasn’t much choice for options; no scuderia shields, no challenge grill, F1 gearbox, after market exhaust. Although these are all relatively easy fixes: I already have a pair of metal shields (I was planning on replacing the acrylic shields on my first 360), and I have found a pretty good online deal for a set of front/rear challenge style grills and the guides to instruct us on how to replace them. The F1 box is just something that I will have to get used to, and as the car comes with a recent clutch change it’s hopefully not something that I will have to think about for a few years anyway. It should also be a little more fun on the track, as that is absolutely something I want to achieve before it’s too late again. And as for a louder, after market exhaust, it is definitely nothing to complain about! Vroom, vroom!

Aside from track days, I would also love to tour through Europe down to the Ferrari Factory in Maranello. Now I’m not sure I can convince my partner to join me, as she’s not interested in getting back into a Ferrari any time soon, so for now there is a vacant seat next to me. I’m sure that I’ll think of even more things to do this second time around but first, there’s a couple cosmetic changes to be made.