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Another Year, Another Recap

So it’s now been just over three years since I bought my first Ferrari, my 360 Modena, and this year has been rather special as it has been both the 70th anniversary of Ferrari and the 50th anniversary of the Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain. This meant that there were many events throughout the country to celebrate both occasions. I was lucky enough to join in a couple, yet gutted that I missed a couple that—in hindsight—I could easily have attended. Ah well, one can’t always have everything.


Nothing Like Being a Hooligan

Despite the heavy traffic, I was able to make a little noise in my Ferrari 360 Modena as we exiting the Brynglas Tunnel (westbound) on the M4, passing Newport (on our way to a friends wedding at Pencoed House Estate).


Back to GVE

Once again, the Ferrari Owners Club was invited to GVE London, for a BBQ and a chance to watch the qualifying of the Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix. The was a slightly larger turn-out this year, possibly helped by GVE’s increased presence along with their new, larger showroom. Here’s what came out this year for some lunch.



A Slow Start to 2016

Just a quick post, as there hasn’t been much going on in the world of my 360, as she’s been tucked away since the middle of October—hibernating until the better weather. That said, some have had their Ferrari’s out judging by some recent YouTube videos, though it appears that the FF is the Ferrari of choice for this time of year. Despite it actually making me feel a little envious (knowing I could be out doing the same), when I take a look at my calendar for the summer months I know there are many exciting weekends lined up ahead where I can cruise around, clocking up miles.

On a website related note, I have added an event calendar to highlight car shows and other public events that I may attend. I will try to remember to update an events details if I will actually be attending, so feel free to persuade me and then come along and chat in person.