Annual Service & Pending Exhaust Fix

A little later than I would have likedpartly due to my own procrastination earlier in the year and not scheduling it soonerbut my 360 has made it through its annual service without too much headache: the exhaust bracket is not loose but cracked and there is a slight coolant leak. The first I had asked to be looked at and sorted if possible, and the second is possibly due to the water pump and for now is just a something to keep an eye on (but let’s not leave it too long, right?). Oh, and I need to be harder on my braking as the front discs are looking a little rusted, also the under-tray is showing its age so we’ll have to keep an eye out for one.

All-in-all not as bad as it could have been (or has been in the past) but a few items to slowly fix. The exhaust was, and still it, top of the list as unfortunately they couldn’t fix it yesterday partly because they were swamped with many other cars in and out or the workshop and partly because they are only set up for MIG welding, and it was recommended that I have the bracket TIG welded as it would result in a stronger join. I agreed but as this is then out-sourced I now have a month wait until I can be seen.

So for the next few weeks, in between the car shows that are lined up, there’s a little TLC to be paid and hopefully the rest of the summer is smooth sailing driving.


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