Pre-Service Shake-Down

A few months later than planned but I was finally able to get my Ferrari out of storage and take her out for a spin. Nothing too fancy, just a quick drive to blow the cobwebs out and as it happened, give the new dashcam a trial. It was actually easier to fit the camera in my 360 than in my Clio, as I didn’t have to remove a chunk of the dash. Although with the view out of the rear not being great to start with, when viewed through the rear-facing camera it’s even less clear what’s going on.

As I mentioned, the process was easier than when I installed a dashcam into my primary car, which then involved removing the lower portion of the front dash—the whole panel below the steering wheel so that I could wire everything up to the fusebox—whereas in the 360 the fuses are behind the passenger underneath a handy access panel. Shoehorning the cable was a little trickier, but that’s perhaps because I was a less heavy-handed in the Ferrari than in the Renault. Overall I’m happy with the result and the peace of mind it will bring.

With one quick task out of the way, it’s now time to crack on with the rest: firstly a (late) spring service. With the 360 being stored out in the west country I have decided to go with the logical choice of Dick Lovett Ferrari in Swindon, not too far from either Rudler’s or my parents, so with a bit of social distancing we were able to organise a couple days where I could sprint back and forth to get everything done. For this service I opted to go for Lovett’s fixed price full service, including timing belts and auxiliaries (fluids, A/C, etc.). I have also made it known to them that towards the end of last year there was an intermittent issue with the F1 pump and the oil level being too low, and they’ve said they’ll check for any leaks as they go about their routine. Provided there are no hidden problems, the fixed price allows me to at least know ahead of time how much it’s all going to cost, especially as I am looking to fork out for newly coloured wheels (most likely black).

One perk they offered—that I’ve seen offered elsewhere, but never to myself before—is a video diary of the service process, so I will be able to see what work they’ve carried out, which will be a nice addition. This may prove useful if there are items they identify that need attention, but I feel that it’s something I can work on over the course of a sunny weekend.