Mid-Service Feedback

A couple of days after dropping my Ferrari 360 off at Dick Lovett’s, and the technicians sent me a video health check of my 360. A few things I was aware of (such as the brake caliper colour, the under-trays, interior issues), some are not too surprising (such as the engine and gearbox mounts, brake disk condition), and some are a bit more serious and unexpected (leaks, broken/disconnected cables). Thankfully there is nothing that will take the car off the road but in the midst of moving house, some items have to be prioritised and others left for a rainy day.

It’s been a couple of weeks, rather busy weeks by Ferrari standards, and my lowly 360 was lower on the priority list than some of their other customers—presumably those who have bought a Ferrari from Lovett’s rather than just turn up for a service with a twenty-year old car. But they finally got across to me a list of the more important items and their associated costs. From the look of it, the engine and gearbox mounts although have some play in them, are not yet outside of expected tolerances as those are absent from the estimate, as are the cosmetic issues such as the rear floor and brake calipers. Perhaps they understand the costs involved with moving house and have decided let’s keep the car on the road and pretty it up later. Which I am grateful for. (Especially as some degenerate recently stole my bicycle, so there’s another expense—even if it gives me an excuse to use on the fiancé for upgrading!)

Hopefully it won’t be too long before Lovett’s get back to me with and say my 360’s available for collection, although it’ll be sods law that the day it’s ready will be the day we get the keys to our new place, but we’ll see. Anyway, here’s their technicians walk-round: