New Home, New Garage

Ever since moving into our new house last August, I have been on the lookout for somewhere local to have the 360 serviced. And although Silverstone is home to many independent supercar specialists, and is only 30 miles away, that’s not quite local enough for my taste. After some sleuthing I eventually stumbled across Dove House Motor Company, and despite them focusing more on Porsche’s they do offer servicing for several Ferrari models, ranging from the 308 through to the FF.

In a first (for me certainly) they were able to turn around my Ferrari within a day for both a service and an MOT; all with no significant issues. However, this just means that it’s probably time to address the MOT advisories that have now appeared for the last two years: brake pipes and suspension springs. Hopefully I will be able to get away with just replacing the front springs, which shouldn’t derail the new driveway too much—not that the wife is particularly fussed about either and would much prefer the money being spent on the back garden instead.

With any luck, the guys at Dove House will come back to me within a couple days with a quote for the parts and work, as I’m not hugely confident about tinkering with suspension or brakes myself. If necessary, Eurospares looks like they will be able to supply the bits I need without getting carried away with typical Ferrari pricing. Unfortunately until this work is done I don’t think I’ll be out much in the car as brakes are definitely something I don’t want failing, so I will have to settle for just looking out at it on the drive. Still, I guess it’ll stop me spending so much on petrol.