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Birthdays and the New Year

It’s Christmas time—well not really, as I’m retelling this story in March but the story starts back in December…

I had arranged to collect my 360 from Neil Garner Performance Engineering, Kemble Car Storage on the Friday afternoon before Christmas. My plan was to spend possibly a couple weeks lounging around at my parents, helping out when necessary, and seeing friends and family when available. (There was no point me staying in—or going back to—London as all of my housemates had disappeared to spend time with their families too.)


Disaster Strikes

So on the second day of owning my 360, I had managed to scuff the underside of the front bumper! It was’t much of a consolation knowing that this is a common wound with Ferrari’s, although there was’t a lot I could do about it now. Still, I my brother and his fiancée had been told to come and visit, as had my grandmother, so I was able to show them what I had achieved. I followed this up, on the Sunday, with a drive to the midlands to surprise my granddad. After a lovely drive in the Sunday morning sun, I made my way into Ledbury and interrupted breakfast. (The road through the town centre is in terrible shape, but the ring road is fantastically smooth and more or less straight.)